Are Business Social Media Campaigns About Listening?

by Tim Berry

Brian Solis, author of Engage, expert on social media for business, posted  The End of Social Media 1.0 last week on his blog. Not that there is a 2.0 or 3.0 exactly, he explains, but he says we’re at an inflection point. … the end of an era of social media that will force the... Read More »


Does it Take a Social Media Code of Ethics or is it Plain Obvious?

by Tim Berry

This is the complete unedited text of an email I received last week. It’s just the latest one. I get a lot of them. Hi Tim, I was wondering if you took paid guest posts on your site?  Not a traditional “guest post” but one you’d be compensated for and have complete editorial control over.... Read More »

Market Segments

Is Marketing Dead?

by Tim Berry

I’m troubled. Some of the smartest, most successful people I know say marketing is dead. It doesn’t matter, they say. It’s a waste of time. Instead… … just build great product. Disrupt a big market. The buzz will follow. And it makes some sense. Did Facebook care about marketing, or product? What about Twitter? Read More »


New Game: Social Media Snooping vs. Social Media Cleansing

by Tim Berry

The other shoe dropping: Business Insider posted This Company Will Expose All Your Most Embarrassing Online Moments a few days ago. It’s about a service company that helps employers by doing a social-media online background check on a potential employee. It was more than two years ago that I first saw a business plan for... Read More »

A Few Good Posts for a Friday

by Tim Berry

These are some posts I recommended reading this week. My absolute favorite this week was Mark Suster’s 9 Women Can’t Make a Baby in a Month, on TechCrunch. Mark’s Both Sides of the Table is a great blog, by the way. And this is the thought at the heart of that post: Over funding often... Read More »

SocialMediaOverload (1)

My Recommendation About Your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

by Tim Berry

A couple of weeks ago I was in a classroom full of entrepreneurial MBA students, as a guest speaker, answering their questions about me and Palo Alto Software and, this blog, and so forth. When they asked me how I managed my online self in social media, my response went something like this: I... Read More »


Case Study: Vizme, Adaptation, and Living with Facebook

by Tim Berry

(Update 2014: Vizme didn’t make it. Its founders went on to other things. In the end, it’s another interesting technology that didn’t have the right combination of marketing, sweet spot problem and solution, traction, work, and luck) I’ve been watching since I first saw the demo about a year ago. It struck me as... Read More »


Social Media Business Reality Check

by Tim Berry

I took a one-hour flight over the weekend and ended up talking to a smart business owner — she has a bakery in a small town in Oregon — who doesn’t have any Web presence. What’s really cool is that her business, as she described it, is doing just fine. She makes a good living,... Read More »


An Older Entrepreneur’s 10 Takeaways from the Facebook Movie

by Tim Berry

I saw The Social Network last Friday night, and enjoyed it thoroughly. When it was over I was surprised. “What? Two hours already?” Here are 10 (mental) notes I took as I watched: This movie is fun. Aaron Sorkin (of West Wing and Studio 60) does a great job making entertainment from reality. The plot... Read More »


3 Tech Benefits and 1 Threat for Guru Businesses

by Tim Berry

By guru business I mean the expert business, and particularly the one-person expert business. I mean consultant, coach, adviser, researcher, business hired gun, life coach, trainer, and so on.  I mean a person who makes a living by selling (real or imagined) expertise, experience, and knowledge. I was a business planning consultant for most of... Read More »