MBAs and websites

Reflection: Does an MBA Belong in a Web-Based Ecosystem?

by Tim Berry

There was an interesting comment posted on this blog yesterday, on my post from last week recommending classes. As someone without an MBA working in business and learning as I go, I am curious to know what you think the value of an MBA is these days? Especially in the tech and web startup sectors.... Read More »

TED Top 20

20 Excellent Online TED Talks

by Tim Berry

TED — stands for Technology, Education, and Design — is a great resource. They recently posted their top 20 most watched talks. This is a great resource. I’m happy to see that I’ve already posted, previously, several of these on this blog. And this is a great list. Sir Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity... Read More »


Q&A: Are There Business Classes That Busy Smallbiz Owners Can’t Afford Not to Take?

by Tim Berry

Over this weekend I was in email with a college student who asked me to answer some questions about business education, as part of a class project. I found this one interesting, and one that comes up a lot, so I decided to post the question and my answer here today. The question: On your... Read More »


A Sign of the Entrepreneurial Times. B-School Startups

by Tim Berry

According to Vital Signs – The number of students from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business who have chosen to start their own businesses within four months of graduating has grown to 16% among the 385-member class of 2011—more than a fivefold increase since 1990, according to the university. Only 3% of the 1990 class... Read More »


Hooray for this ‘A Lot of Life Left’ MBA

by Tim Berry

I got this question today on my ask-me page on my website: I am currently in an MBA program at a local college. I have recently completed my third course. I have about five years management experience. I am 58 years-old. My wife is going back to college this summer for the graphic design... Read More »


Helping You Teach Entrepreneurship

by Tim Berry

That was embarrassing … I was showing some people how easy it would be to modify the order of our online course curriculum, doing some quick links in WordPress, and I accidentally posted it. Sorry. I could have just deleted that post, but it’s instantly in the RSS feed for this blog, which compounds the... Read More »


Meaningless Research Award: Americans vs. Entrepreneurship

by Tim Berry

Over the weekend I got an email from a polling company with the startling headline “College Students Aren’t Getting Entrepreneurial Skills.” I’m not going to cite the source here, though, because I want to poke some fun at the poll and its conclusions, and I don’t want to make it personal. But here’s an opening... Read More »


MBAs Reinventing Management Is Like Locusts Reinventing Corn

by Tim Berry

I clicked over to MBAs Aim to Reinvent Management at when I saw the headline. I expected to read about trends towards revising the standard MBA curriculum to deal better with community, environmental, and social concerns. Instead, it was MBA’s revising management: As part of a contest, MBA students were asked to suggest game-changing... Read More »


The Nature-Nurture Debate on Entrepreneurship

by Tim Berry

Is entrepreneurship something people are born with, or do they learn it? Good question, I suppose, but not one I expect anybody will ever be able to really answer. Emily Malby does a good balanced job of reporting about it in Entrepreneurship: A Look at the Nature-Nurture Debate on the Online Wall Street Journal ( Read More »


Is Networking Friendship, or Just MBA Speak?

by Tim Berry

What do you think about this? The networking connections are one of the most valuable benefits of an MBA. Five to ten years down the road these people will either be running their own businesses or have high-level positions in large companies. That’s a comment to my post here and on Small Business Trends. I... Read More »