Do You Want Your Daughter to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

by Tim Berry

I stumbled on this question on Quora: How should I raise a 12-year-old girl to be a successful entrepreneur? I have four grown-up daughters. Some of them are “successful entrepreneurs,” all of them have tried, some are still trying. So I care a lot about this subject. There are good answers already posted. The answer I like... Read More »

MBAs and websites

Why Steve Strauss Hires English Majors

by Tim Berry

By the way, did I say I was an English major for my BA? Yes, software entrepreneur, yes, business planner, erstwhile programmer, and MBA … but I carry around a degree in English Literature. I don’t push that up a lot in my bio, but it’s there in the fine print. So I like what... Read More »


Can We Disrupt Education Without Losing Its Benefits?

by Tim Berry

I’m conflicted: On the one hand, I’m very much in favor of technology disrupting traditional education. On the other hand, what about the value of traditional educational institutions as rite of passage, validation, and cultural catalyst? Can we possible have it both ways? So many people agree education has to change. Imagine a tablet-based program... Read More »


Infographic: Degrees and Money

by Tim Berry

This Infographic from Mint is hard to read at this size, so you probably want to click on the image to go to the source. On the left you have unemployment broken down according to the degrees held, from PhD at the top to just high school on the bottom. On the right you have... Read More »


Can School Make You a Better Entrepreneur?

by Tim Berry

I stumbled over Antonio Neves’ post Can School Make You a Better Entrepreneur? on Entrepreneur.com. Antonio does a good job giving a balanced view of that very interesting  question, and he asks bonified smart person Chris Guillebeau too, which is always a good idea.  Chris gets the best quote in the piece: ‘You might as well learn... Read More »


Brave New World Options for Entrepreneurship Education

by Tim Berry

Take a look at this list: 20 Essential Open Courses for Budding Entrepreneurs. You’ll see Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Rice, and — between the lines on that one — MIT, among others. Mark Juliano’s Entrepreneurship and Business, Chuck Eesley’s Technology Entrepreneurship. The post in question lists mainly general business courses. Aside from entrepreneurship, they have finance, financial theory,... Read More »

MBAs and websites

Reflection: Does an MBA Belong in a Web-Based Ecosystem?

by Tim Berry

There was an interesting comment posted on this blog yesterday, on my post from last week recommending classes. As someone without an MBA working in business and learning as I go, I am curious to know what you think the value of an MBA is these days? Especially in the tech and web startup sectors.... Read More »

TED Top 20

20 Excellent Online TED Talks

by Tim Berry

TED — stands for Technology, Education, and Design — is a great resource. They recently posted their top 20 most watched talks. This is a great resource. I’m happy to see that I’ve already posted, previously, several of these on this blog. And this is a great list. Sir Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity... Read More »


Q&A: Are There Business Classes That Busy Smallbiz Owners Can’t Afford Not to Take?

by Tim Berry

Over this weekend I was in email with a college student who asked me to answer some questions about business education, as part of a class project. I found this one interesting, and one that comes up a lot, so I decided to post the question and my answer here today. The question: On your... Read More »


A Sign of the Entrepreneurial Times. B-School Startups

by Tim Berry

According to Vital Signs – WSJ.com: The number of students from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business who have chosen to start their own businesses within four months of graduating has grown to 16% among the 385-member class of 2011—more than a fivefold increase since 1990, according to the university. Only 3% of the 1990 class... Read More »