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Infographic: Degrees and Money

This Infographic from Mint is hard to read at this size, so you probably want to click on the image to go to the source. On the left you have unemployment broken down according to the degrees held, from PhD at the top to just high school on the bottom. On the right you have average weekly earnings using the same categories. What it shows should have been obvious all along, but still:

More education means, on average, more money and less likelihood of unemployment.

And here’s the data from Mint:

I’m not a fan of directly relating education to earnings. It leads to the ugly logic of not getting education except to earn more money. Still, every so often, we should at least review the fundamentals.

And besides that, I like the way Mint is dealing with data. They aren’t asking people. They are mining financial data in their system.


  • Lee Lewis says:

    I love that this can so irrefutably demonstrate with data what we have believed intuitively all along. Thanks for sharing!

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