Infographic: Stats and Rankings on Schools Teaching Entrepreneurship

I don’t agree with everything in this infographic,but at the very least it’s an interesting summary. Notice the huge increase in the number of institutions offering courses on entrepreneurship.

The question it asks — can schools teach entrepreneurship — isn’t one to be answered with statistics and rankings. Of course that takes a qualitative answer, sifting through what elements business schools can teach and what elements business schools don’t teach. I say in those posts that schools can teach cash flow, business planning, general business fundamentals, communications skills, and skepticism. And they don’t (I wrote don’t, not can’t) teach dealing with people, right and wrong, having a life, managing risks, and when to give up.

And I don’t think listing famous people who did or didn’t have formal education does anybody much good.

But still, this is a nice summary:



  • Ashley DeVaughn says:

    I love this article. I don;t agree that you can teach entrepreneurship, some people have it in them and some people dont. You can teach how to run a business, but that doesn’t mean that they have what it takes to be successful.

  • iGoStartup says:

    Very interesting infographic! We, the igostartup team, believe that the first step to become an entrepreneur is having big will and desire for this.

  • Stephen Lahey says:

    Interesting infographic, Tim. Starting a business wasn’t even on my radar screen when I was fresh out of college. But I’m thinking that the most valuable resource would have been an experienced business mentor to help me navigate during that first year or two. I wonder if schools make an effort to pair new grads up with mentors.

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