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Are You a Trep?

Shall we start calling entrepreneurs treps instead.


In this post last October I joined Robert Jones and Rieva Lesonsky and a few others in a quest for a better word for “entrepreneur.” Robert started it with 5 reasons we need a new word for entrepreneurs and Rieva followed with what does it really mean to be an entrepreneur.

As far as I’m concerned we failed to come up with a better word.

A few days ago, however, somebody on Twitter called themselves a “trep.” I think that might just work. What if we started calling ourselves and other entrepreneurs treps?

Background: the word entrepreneur includes trep. And then there’s the word intrepid. Works for me. I’m a trep. How about you?

And if you’re that person who started with the word trep in Twitter, I’d like to know, so I can give you credit.



  • AgnesKnowlesdotca

    Ah, Tim, thanks for this.. I kept on coming across the term on Instagram and thought I was getting old!! Fortunately my audience is Canadian so I won’t be a Russian babbler any time soon!

  • NotAtrep

    FYI: trep means babble in Russian, would you wanted to be called a babbler?

    For a similar reason government websites in Norway don’t use domain 😉

    • NotAtrep, thanks, but then again, do we eliminate using in English any word for entrepreneur that doesn’t work in any other language?

  • TS

    Entrepreneur magazine has been using trep for some time, though I am not sure exactly how long: