Is This the Ideal Job?

I had a nice note from Steve King of Small Business Labs in my email today. The question was, “where do you find the time?” I enjoyed answering that, because we undervalue family business and success and such. So much so, in fact, that I decided to (with apologies to Steve) post that answer here.

Some people misinterpret where I am as “retired” since I named my daughter Sabrina Parsons CEO last Spring. Actually I’m still president here, but not running the company; I have carved out my ideal job, which is speaking, teaching, blogging, and writing about business planning, small business, startups, etc. I do a lot of webinars too, for example four in the two weeks ending today. This is really fun. It’s the job I always wanted. Ironically I think I’m spending half again more hours than before, but Sabrina runs the company, I just think, write, speak, etc. Nobody reports to me. And with Sabrina in charge, the company is refreshed, renewed, growing, and very well managed.

And Steve, thanks for asking.



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