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Time Travel, Mac, Mars Edit, TypePad

Time travel? Or is it just Mac or Mars Edit or TypePad? As I write this, at just about 8 a.m. PDT on April 9, my previous post (does investment make the venture) was (I repeat, was) posted tomorrow morning.

TypePad doesn’t normally do that to me. I’ve taken to frequently posting things in advance so I get a post a day regardless of travel schedule or meetings. For example, I have some posts already waiting for a visit to Mexico later this month. TypePad normally handles that fine.

I was up pretty early this morning, looking at things, including tomorrow’s post. I used Mars Edit on my Mac at home to pull tomorrow’s piece down, edit slightly, and post it back up. TypePad was fine with it waiting until tomorrow, but I did some other things, and then as I get into the office about three hours later, there is tomorrow’s post today. With tomorrow’s date on it. Visible.

Isn’t technology grand?


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