The Mistake Bank

I was emailed a couple of days ago by John Caddell, of The Mistake Bank, which seems like an interesting idea, and one that everybody can use.

Apparently I’m soon to be a depositor in the mistake bank, because John’s email was about getting permission to use one of my “dumb mistake” posts on this blog. Specifically, my post A Stupid Mistake. A True Story, about one of the dumb things I did once.

I haven’t asked John yet whether he noticed that “business mistakes” is one of my categories on this blog. That might be asking for trouble. I don’t want to win any competition for most mistakes.

I did, however, decide to join the site. It’s a Ning social network, so it was easy to join. And I think mistakes are second only to stories as valuable learning tools, and hey, come to think of it, most mistakes are told in stories.

The Mistake Bankis so brand new that it really lacks critical mass, but I joined and I hope you do. I already know way too much about my own mistakes. I’d like to read about yours.


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  • John Caddell says:

    Hi, Tim,

    Thanks so much for your post. As you said, if stories are number one for learning, and mistakes are #2, then mistake stories have to be unsurpassed. And thanks for sharing your story with The Mistake Bank. I also look forward to your readers' stories.

    Regards, john

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