This Shortcut Won’t be Missed

Worth reading, a point well made by Seth Godin in his post The end of misogyny?

It’s sort of astonishing… in my lifetime, we’ve seen the end of public (but certainly not private) attacks on people because of race or mainstream religion (fringe beliefs and sexual orientation are still fair game, apparently)… but trying to humiliate half the population because of their gender seems just fine.

That may be changing. There’s a significant backlash about John McCain’s handling of a question earlier in the week. If the questioner had used a similar epithet about a black person or someone from Poland, they would have been shown the door. At least I hope so.

As Hugh Hefner demonstrated with Playboy fifty years ago, objectifying women was a shortcut to cash. And all you have to do is visit Las Vegas to see it happening in every hallway, on every billboard. What is now becoming clear is that many of the people in your market won’t stand for it any longer. One more shortcut, gone.

I hope he’s right. Good riddance.


  • Tim Berry says:

    Re the comment above:

    I'm sorry, I certainly didn't mean to say or even imply that misogyny is gone or isn't a problem.

    I quoted Seth Godin saying it "may be changing" and "what is now becoming clear is that many of the people in your market won't stand for it any longer." I said that I hope he's right. And I do.

    You're right, I have never experienced misogyny in my life. I'm a man. But I've been married 38 years and I'm father to four daughters and grandfather to one granddaughter, which makes me very aware of the problem. Tim.

  • a person says:

    I'm sorry to say, misogyny is still alive and well. But leave it to men to think that it has gone. When have you ever experienced misogyny to know if it's gone or not?

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