The Global Corruption We Don’t See. Why Not?

Here is another fascinating TED talk. Charmian Gooch with Meet global corruption’s hidden players. I’m shocked. Take a few minutes to watch this.

YouTube video

In case you can’t see it, you can click here for the original on YouTube.


  • Steve Connors says:

    Most governments allow these things to happen, just like if they were directly involved in the corruption.
    We all know that even in the most developed countries like the USA, politics are funded by economic interests, they in turn have traditionally paid back to their “investors”. Most costly national activities foreign and domestic are also money driven. Money can corrupt a lot.
    What can be clearer than this reality, unless we want to act pretending it is not so, and that the USA democracy is second to none. Corruption is world-wide.
    Upsetting this corruption would affect many powerful people the world around. Society needs to choose moral God-fearing leaders, and let them fix this mess.

  • Stephen Lahey says:

    Lack of transparency leads to wide spread corruption and abuse of power. We need to make it easier to follow the money.

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