The Best Time to Start a Company…

… is when everybody else thinks it’s a bad time to start a company.

This two-minute snippet is part of a 2003 talk by Jerry Kaplan, successful entrepreneur, founder of onSale, Inc., and GO Corporation, and an early thought leader at Lotus Development.

The part of the talk is a response to a question from the audience. Although this was five years ago, and there had been a downturn in Web companies, Jerry’s answer — the title of this post — still seems very relevant today. As far as I’m concerned, what he said then still holds true today; at least for the more sophisticated technology-driven ventures.

You should see the video above and be able to click and watch. If for any reason — different browser, or whatever — that isn’t showing, then Just click here for the source page.”


  • Jerry Kaplan says:

    I completely disagree with this guy. He obviously knows nothing. He's ugly as well! 😉

  • Heather says:

    Good insights, thank you for giving me something more to think about!

  • Greg Digneo says:

    Tim, I couldn't agree more. This is a great time to start a company, because, unfortunatly with the job market is so tough, there is a lot of great talent that otherwise would not be available in a "good economy".

    Also, the lack of professional money, forces startups to become more creative – which in my opinion is never a bad thing!

    Thanks for the great video.
    Greg Digneo

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