Steve Jobs on How to Live Before Dying

I’m really sorry that people have to get old and die. This is my tribute to Steve Jobs.

YouTube video

If you don’t see it here, please click here for the original.


  • CWebb says:

    Thankfully, we were able to witness, share and learn from his experience. I’m grateful that he was here. He amazed and inspired us as we watched him. He is going on to bigger and better things now, of that I’m sure. He certainly lived fully while here on earth; no reason to wonder if he won’t go forward creating even better experiences. It is a rare moment when so many take the chance to celebrate and absorb the good offered as we are doing now in considering the life of this man. That’s a lesson worth far more than the financials of the company he created! He is teaching us to value our ability to rise above the ordinary, do away with the naysayers, and above all think clearly about our whole life without concern for others opinions – do what is right in your heart. Bravo Steve Jobs!

  • Tomas says:

    One cannot overestimate the influence of Steve Jobs. He set a standard for entrepreneur. May he rest in peace.

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