Change in Social Media

I’m sorry. This post hosted a video that has been removed from the host news site and is no longer available.

Some excepts from the accompanying story:

“Change is happening faster and faster than it ever has before,” Andrea Breanna, the CEO and founder of tech company RebelMouse, told Fox News Latino recently, “and now we can actually watch the behavior of users changing.”

Breanna, 40, has helped usher in some of that change himself at companies like the Huffington Post, where he was the chief technology officer, and now RebelMouse, which helps companies and individuals expand their reach on social media.

“It’s happening very quickly,” Breanna, who was born in Mexico City to an American father and Mexican mom, said. For example, “We’re learning to read videos, rather than listen to them.”

That’s my daughter, founder and CEO of Rebelmouse, talking about how quickly Facebook algorithms change, advantages of a global viewpoint in tech, and the importance, right now, of Facebook Live Video. If you’re curious about Andrea as Latina, the story points out how and why. I’m the “American father” (and still married to the “Mexican mom” 40+ years later).

Asked about how his background helps in tech,

“Part of the reason, she said, is that “We have 65 developers in 32 countries, not outsourced farm task zombies. Lots of companies fail because of burnout in their engineers. For us, it’s as if we’re pulling an all-nighter every night because our developers are excellent at passing the baton to each other.”

In fact, the company has its principal office in SoHo in Manhattan, but, “we try never to say ‘headquarters,’” Breanna said. “Our CTO is in Slovenia, and our best engineer is in the Ukraine.”


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