Sad Commentary on Spam and Direct Sales

A sad moment in my ‘Start Your Business’ class; or perhaps I should say a sad realization.

I asked the class who buys from spam emails, and who buys from those excruciatingly insulting and stupid voicemail messages they leave on your phone. The point is that somebody must buy from them, because otherwise they wouldn’t continue.

The answer came from a woman in class who’s been working with handicapped people. "Mentally handicapped people buy that way," she said, sadly. "They prey on the sick, the old, and the slow."

I guess that’s probably true. It would explain the mystery of it. 


  • Rayven says:

    You know, I've wondered that too, having to filter out hundreds of those types of emails daily. Who actually buys this stuff?

    But then you see a post on a message board, touting the latest victim of a phishing email, or someone asking if an email is real and you realize that many people are just not that world wise or intelligent.

    It is sad. The people who get burned are usually the ones who need their money the most.

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