Q&A: How Do I Find Investment For My Dream Business?

Question (edited for grammar and spelling):

I want to open a new business related to export and import, but I’m confused … how can I get investment money without having any experience of import and export?


Yes, you are confused, but no need: Forget it. Of course you can’t get investment money without having experience with what you want to do. Nobody in their right mind is going to spend their money to invest it in your business.

If you’re serious about starting an import-export business, don’t waste time wondering about getting investment money. Aim for getting knowledge and experience. Find a job related to import and expert, or trade, or distribution channels that might relate to import-export. Find information sources, books, classes, blogs, etc. Find somebody you can partner with.

And change your expectations. Look for how to eventually start your own import-export business as small, focused, and manageable, something you can do with your own resources, without requiring anybody else. Start reading about bootstrapping.

Comment: Dreamsqueezers

Questions as far off base as this one mean that somebody has been taken in by all the half truths, exaggerations, and outright lies slung across the web by sleazy marketers who promise people completely impossible results from their product or services. They exploit people’s dreams. Dreamsqueezers? What this questioner needs to know is readily available all over the web, but often surrounded by all the sleazy stuff that preys on ignorance.

The process from dream to reality deserves more respect.


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