Pam Slim’s 10 Keys to Startup Sanity

I was sorely disappointed to miss Pamela Slim’s keynote speech for the Willamette Angel Conference 10 days ago. I’m a member, but I had to be away, and had to miss it. I hear she was great. Eugene and Corvallis startups are still talking about it.

She called her talk 10 Keys to Maintain Your Sanity While Hustling Your Startup. Great title. Especially when you listen to it.

I was glad, though, to see Pam has posted it for all as a slide show with her audio. If you’re involved with a startup, or thinking about it, give yourself the luxury of Pam’s real-world advice.

Thanks Pam.


  • Ken says:

    Thank you Tim I am learning so much from you Blog
    #1 I need a lot of growth through Action and analyze business steps.
    Have a Great weekend!


  • Ken says:

    Tim hello thank you for sharing your team of Jedi Knights,

    How do I analyze business opportunities to learn if they are crack pipes or wheatgrass is there a formula or a set of rules that helps a person to analyze the opportunity before getting caught up in the excitement


    • Tim Berry says:

      Ken, on how to analyze business opportunities, I say you look at it as a simple, practical, just-big-enough business plan, as in my Plan-As-You-Go business planning idea; not a document full of descriptions for outsiders, but an exploration of what’s there in terms of what might be the strategy, specific milestones, basic numbers. Break that uncertainty down into pieces so you can get a better grip on it.

  • Annie says:

    There are so many great articles on this site to choose from. It is hard and a little bit scary to start your own business but with the downsizing going on it seems like a viable solution. Hopefully, with all the information I am gathering I will be prepared to move forward and be successful.

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