On the Recruiting Value of Slogans and Bluster — Not

Is this just me? The message says “looking for ball busting MBAs to join my firm. (no wimps) great opportunity to kick tail in renewable energy.” Does that make you shudder?

It reminds me of big-company sales mentality where quality is measured by bravado and the customer is a tool to be conquered. It smacks of a now-obsolete world in which fake enthusiasm is an important currency.

It’s hard to imagine that this kind of message works. Ask with slogans and bluster, and you’ll get people who like slogans and bluster.


  • Steve Thoeny says:


    Is it possible to renew negative energy?

    I’ve noticed in the last several years that many companies have replaced the term Sales with Business Development. I think it might be in part because of cowboys like your example giving Sales a bad name.

    As a ‘seasoned’ Biz Dev guy, I continue to separate the two functions, and have the greatest respect for Sales professionals.


    • Biswaranjan Dash says:

      Hats off to u. being a hard core sales professional liked your comment very much.Love to be in touch with you..

      Thanks again


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