On Building a Business Because the World Needs It

I’ve posted about Arcimoto on Up and Running almost two years ago. It’s a local (Eugene OR) business based on building cool, fun, and economically accessible electric cars, like the one shown here.


It was a startup then, one with a believable team and a vision to build on. Two years later, it’s still a startup, still got a strong team, and sticking to its vision. So time hasn’t been wasted. They’ve been engineering for fun and manufacturing at scale, and they’ve been talking it up too. Search YouTube for Nathon Fillion, the hollywood star, and Arcimoto, and you’ll see what I mean.

Meanwhile, founder Mark Frohnmayer explained the vision behind the startup, a new vision of clean and green transportation, at a recent TEDx conference in Portland. I’m embedding it here because I think he’s got some really important points that go beyond his specific electric car. He titled it “Dude — Where’s My Car.”

YouTube video

If you don’t see that video here, you can click here for the original on YouTube.

This is not an easy startup to build. Founder Mark Frohnmayer has been at it for several years now, has recruited and held onto a team of leaders experienced from the nearby recreational vehicle industry, has raised several million dollars, and has spent a million or more of his own, money he had from a successful exit of a computer games company. I’m still watching with interest, and hoping they make it.

No, by the way, I have no investment in Arcimoto, no financial relationship whatsoever. I just like the company, its founder, and its ideals. And I do want them to get to market. I can’t promise I’m going to spend $20K to own one of these next year, but I do like the idea.

(Image: a screen shot from a business plan … hoping Mark won’t mind that I posted it up here)


  • Berislav Lopac says:

    Tim, let me direct you at http://www.rimac-automobili.com/, a Croatian startup which is building the fastest electric car to date — regularly outrunning both gas cars and the Tesla Roadster, with much more modest funding up to date.

    • Tim Berry says:

      Thanks Berislav. Fastest in the world should be a lot of fun to drive. Arcimoto’s angle is fun and reasonably affordable, so that’s probably not the same niche.

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