My Niece’s Question About God

What a week. Steve Jobs, may he rest in peace. On Wednesday we distributed my stepmother’s ashes. That same day my brother’s wife buried her father.

After our ceremony in Cape Cod, my brother said his daughter had asked: “why does God make people get old and die?”

Nobody there could answer that question. Several people, however, came up with variations on a common theme: that’s why it’s important that we live well. We should not waste time. Or love. Or spirit.

This morning I’m off to Yosemite with my youngest daughter.


  • Steve says:

    Throughout your blog I’ve noticed that you seem never to give pat answers to complex questions, and you often make me think a bit more deeply. Thanks for doing that today, as well. Sorry for your loss.

  • Jim B. says:

    Tim, I am sorry about your family’s losses-but our loss is their gain (from observing your blog and articles over the years, I think you know what I mean)-God doesn’t “make” anyone do anything-He gives us freewill. Just like a business plan, He set this existence up with certain rules-some can be bent to a degree and some are just absolute-it’s how we respond to these situations in life that determine our journey-and He also gave us a Guide book. Doing the right or correct thing is not always the easiest-but always the best in the long run-and live life to the fullest! Thanks for your sharing.

  • Derek says:

    Tell her God wants us to be more like him
    It’s His way of reminding us that some day we will die

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