Mindmap of Economic News Comments

Yesterday Greg Balanko-Dickson posted A Dozen Opinions: Does Economic News Scare You? on his Small Business Transitions with an intriguing mind map of the comments on my post about Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trends:

Anita Campbell hosted Economic Dark Clouds and Your Business.

“Seriously, the economic news is clustering now. As I write this, today’s NYTimes.com has “4-Year Growth in Jobs Ends” and “Dow Drops 200” combined into one story. That headline will change as the DOW changes, I assume, but these days it seems it’s likely to go down. We also have “Rate of Home Foreclosures Hits Record” and even what seems like good news — retail sales up — is just a silver lining.”

Economic news should not scare you because as Tim says “…it’s what you do with your business that moves it up and down, not what happens in the headlines…”

Crowdsourced Opinions

I assembled a live mind map of the 12 opinions and comments from the great small business minds who have commented so far on Tim’s post. It is pretty enlightening, I read every comment so you don’t have to (unless you want) and linked to the comment authors too.

The mind-mapping application is very interesting. Try Greg’s live mind map of this to get the links and the application behind it.




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