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Lots of Words in Italics Meaning I’m Jus’ Sayin’

Accents, real speech, figures of speech, colorful speech. Expressions. The way we use language fascinates me. I wonder if technology changes it?

I have questions:

And also, some simple observations, about language in my lifetime, and how it’s been changing.

I’m just sayin.

One response to “Lots of Words in Italics Meaning I’m Jus’ Sayin’”

  1. I guess language does undergo a kind of cycle somehow, where some words that used to be “uncool” become popular choices in conversations, while others hibernate for some time before becoming active again as a “rad” invective.

    One day, when you read this entry again, Tim, there may be other words that we perceive as “obsolete” now but in 5 to ten years, they’ll be so popular it becomes a “word-of-mouth” (get it?).

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