InfoGraphic: People Are Happier with Experiences Instead of Things

And who would argue? Data shows money is more likely to buy happiness when you spend it on doing something, or going somewhere, instead of just owning something. This makes sense to me. What do you think?

If you want to be happy, spend money on experiences, not things

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  • Levi Hagen says:

    My sister sent me the link to this article to passively agressively communicate that I place too much value on things and should spend MY money on experiences despite the fact that I just got back from a trip to France. I wonder if my sister, who just sent this, is enjoying her new home and the lonely, high pedestal she occupies within it. Just kidding. Love you, Therese.

    • Theresa Johnson says:

      To all interested:

      He no doubt typed this from his newly remodeled kitchen or from his BMW M3. Love ya lots!

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