I’m Loving the New Version of Business Plan Pro

If you’re a regular reader you know I don’t normally do sales pitches here on this blog, but this is special. Last week Palo Alto Software introduced a brand new version of Business Plan Pro incorporating (finally) my Plan-as-You-Go Business Planning ideas into the mainstream of the software.

With this new version, when you start a new plan, Plan as You Go is the first choice for setting up a simple, practical, management-oriented business plan. Not the whole big formal document plan, but just what you need to run a business with. That’s the key screen above (with my annotations in red):

Now the new built-in option is exactly what I suggested in the book: a streamlined, practical outline, shown here on the right. Of course you can add more later and eventually make a larger business plan, but you do that as the business plan events happen, not before. So you add the embellishment, like description of management team, or exit strategy, only when you need it. Which is great, because a lot of people really don’t need it.

I wrote the book in 2008, but because we’ve been busy with liveplan, the new online web business planning, our mainstream software had to wait. So now I’m celebrating that it’s finally here.

We’ve also added a lot of video at many different points, so that – if you’re online – you get me talking about what you’re looking at, in very short snippets. That’s hard for me to watch, frankly, because I’m as self-conscious as anybody else … but as an author, I love the opportunity to talk to you while you’re working with what I wrote.

This is the 12th version of Business Plan Pro since the first one was published late in 1994, and actually hit the shelves in 1995. We’ve come a long way since the first one – it’s still my business planning advice, but I wrote a third of the code in the original, and now there’s a team of a dozen programmers – which makes it way better.

And, by the way, if you prefer an online version, or you’re a Mac user, there’s also a lot of my methodology and my instructions in the new online planning web app at www.liveplan.com.

For more information click here for the website or call them toll-free at 1 (800) 229-7526.


  • Frank says:

    Hi Tim,

    From a guy who has been developing business plans for 25 years I find that The Plan as you Go is a great option to have in BBP. I think it is now called Keep it Simple. Not everyone needs that blown up plan like you say, and I suggest the KIS option is good for those just starting out with planning. It gives them a good starting point from which they can build later.

    Also, I find this option is great after someone has used BBP to create a comprehensive plan, and want to develop a solid funding plan or strategic action plan from that comprehensive plan. The KIS option helps them to drill down to the important things from the bigger plan. A win-win all around!

    Business Plan Pro is definitely the industry standard for business planning software. I have reviewed it here: http://www.bestbusinessplansoftware.com/business-plan-pro-complete-v-12-review/



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  • Joel Libava says:

    Congrats, Tim

    I’m sure that sales of BPP will rock!

    The Franchise King®

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