Holidays Part 3: Wisdom from a Six-Year Old

Christopher is six years old. That’s his picture here to the right, taken a few months ago.

Last week one of his teachers shared this with me: She asked him what he does when he’s frustrated. He answered:

“Stop. Breathe. Think.”

He’s not a genius or anything like that, so I doubt he invented that solution all by himself. But still, it’s a really great answer, don’t you think?


  • Unsend That Letter Award: the Pork People says:

    […] the brand is so important. Still, this is a reminder to us all. I feel like revising my “Stop. Breathe. Think.” holiday post to add “Chuckle” to it. My wife reminds me why angels fly: “because they […]

  • Martha Dannis says:

    And keep doing all three! Wonderful reminder about what’s important in the middle of holiday stress!

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