Good Coffee, Good Morning, Good Pictures

Here it is Friday, but it’s a special Friday because we had Thanksgiving yesterday so nobody will be in the office today. I woke up late on a dark, rainy day, made my coffee, savoring the smell of the freshly ground beans and the process of grinding and filtering and all. Browsed email, Twitter, the web. Everybody else was asleep upstairs.

What to do? Do I catch up on a collection of blog posts I mean to write? Get to that op-ed piece for the local newspaper? Work on the book that’s cooking in the back of my mind? I’m really glad I can’t do any calls today (I’m chairing an angel investment group and I’m behind on calls to members) so that isn’t even an option.

All of this reminds me that I really like what I do. I have for years, but more so since I stopped running the company and focused on blogging, writing, speaking, and teaching. I get to my office happily. I enjoy the work. Still, a break every so often is a good thing. Everybody needs a slow day now and then. I decided to look for a picture to go with this post, and my mood on this morning, so I browsed Flickr for “coffee.”

So, in honor of that soft, slow beginning of the day today, I found this picture on Flickr. Title: “Hot Coffee on a Rainy Day.” Taken by David Joyce (deapeajay on Flickr). And taken almost exactly a year ago, end of November. He says

“This photo didn’t get the overall impact I was aiming for, but here it is anyway.  I was trying to capture the experience of drinking coffee by a large window on a rainy afternoon. That’s always been one of the most serene settings for me.”

It struck me as exactly on target for me and this post today, although it’s morning for me. And I like the reminder that Flickr is a really good resource. And, to top that off, here’s another really nice Fall photo from David Joyce. He calls it “Last Leaf of Fall.”


  • Paul says:

    As I sit with my morning coffee I have to say thanks for the article. By the way I just started Three weeks to Start Up. Great reading

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