George Carlin’s Last Interview

I always liked George Carlin, even if not every routine he ever had. I liked his off-kilter anti-establishment viewpoint. I think the world, and especially our world in the United States, needs dissenters. And it needs good writers. So I’m very sorry to see him go.

Brian Clark at Copyblogger posted George Carlin on Writing, with a couple of good quotes from the much longer post George Carlin’s Last Interview on Psychology Today Blogs. Here’s one of the three Brian included:

“One of the voguish terms, which is so repellant to me, ‘thinking outside the box.’ To settle for that kind of language is embarrassing. But that’s a very useful picture. I try to come in through the side door, the side window, to come in from a direction they’re not expecting, to see something in a different way.”

Here’s the link to the interview on Psychology Today.


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