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Free the Numbers for Simple Lists and Tables

This is me giving back, making it up to all the spreadsheet haters. It’s a non spreadsheet: lists, tables, yes; but no formulas, functions, or programming. It just adds the rows and columns automatically. I call it Free the Numbers.

I’ve been a spreadsheet guy since 1979. I wrote three books on how to use spreadsheets back in the 1980s. I published spreadsheet macros. But I always thought that bulk of spreadsheet use could be simpler, like this new non-spreadsheet. No formulas. Just add to rows and columns. Automatically.

Project costs, estimates, worksheets, proposals, plans … the world is full of lists and tables. And, while I love spreadsheets, I get it: most people don’t. So that’s what this is about.

It’s free. It’s easy. Please try it. And if you don’t see the video here, click here for the source on YouTube. Or just go to

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  1. Thank you so much for creating this, Tim! Spreadsheets are awful and this looks like a great alternative – can’t wait to try it.

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