Let's Give Him Congratulations and Time

Today I want to add my congratulations to Barack Obama, his new presidential administration, and to all of us in the United States, as he is inaugurated. I'm sure that we couldn't have elected a better person for the job, and that he couldn't have taken it on at a tougher time.

We have two botched wars, an economic meltdown, and an ecological crisis all at the same time.

Great presidents and very hard times are related. Cause and effect? Probably not. At least, now, we have somebody most of us believe in.

After the celebration, though, let's try to be patient. We're in a mess that can't be solved quickly. Not by anybody. Not even by the President of the United States. I do believe that he'll do extremely well, and I hope the rest of us will be able to say the same.

But I think it's going to take time.


  • Carrie Sperlunto says:

    I agree with you. These are tough times, here and abroad, and the task for Obama is challenging, to say the least.

    I own a small Italian restaurant in Bradenton, Florida. The comments that I heard yesterday and today for our new president are neither hopeful nor kind. I make it a rule never to discuss politics, so I just listen…so it's my hope that what I hear will change over time. After all, Obama does have 4-8 years to affect a turnaround. That should be enough time to accomplish positive and lasting gains. Now go find out!

  • Click and Inc says:

    I agree here. I wish the best for all of us with a new presidential leader and am hopeful that things will brighten up. We definitely need something to change for the better so in a little time, we shall see. He's got a big job and I'm sure he knows that, but I just hope he succeeds at it.

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