Breaking Stereotypes on Immigration

Has anybody else noticed that discussion of immigration in this country has broken down into stupid stereotypes?  Fences on the border, for example, and the mindless grouping of immigrants together as if they are all from Mexico and all farm laborers?

Thanks go to Steve King at Small Biz Labs for the occasional post of desperately needed real information, such as his Foreign Born as a % of the US Workforce today and his series Immigrant Entrepreneurs including four useful posts since last summer.


  • Zane says:

    Good, simple, post. I think many haven't noticed as there's too much yelling still. It always makes me chuckle, somewhat darkly, to think that nearly everyone here in the US is the result of the illegal, visa-less, undocumented, immigration of their family members at some time. And now everyone's "got all possessive" about it…Funny, how the shoe stops fitting at the most convenient times.

    Thanks for the post.

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