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Better Green Late Than Never

(Note: I’m crossposting this here from the Huffington Post, which is where I posted it originally. Tim)

It doesn’t just rain, it pours. Or perhaps melts is a better metaphor. By the time I’m watching the NBC logo turned green, and football analysts sitting in the dark at halftime, no wonder Al Gore won both the Oscar and the Nobel. It’s about time things turned green. Because it couldn’t happen to a more deserving world.

Last week the Wall Street Journal called it a “green stampede.”

Business loves a bandwagon. Media love a story. And the greening of business is both. And suddenly it seems that in the world of business, at least, we have a veritable green explosion of convenient truth:

There’s no denying that “Greening” has been a long time coming. A show of hands please …  how many  remember the stir caused by “The Greening of America?” Published in 1970, (Ok, a show of hands, how many were alive in 1970?) it was essentially a tribute to so-called “counter-culture” ideas of the late 1960s. We’re talking about Mario Savio and the free speech movement in Berkeley in 1964, then the anti-war movement of the late 1960s, the world wide student movement in 1968, civil rights, hippies, and, among all of that, environmentalism. It wasn’t global warming back then as much as Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring; but it was a start.

Better late than never, I suppose, but wow, did it have to take 40 years?

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