Boomer Business Blogger Part 2: It’s A Full-time Job

Benjamin Floyd of Read Click Done asked me after yesterday’s post: “how do you do it?” Two books, 1400 or so posts, 1300 or so tweets in the last two years. “Where do you find the time.”

Fair question. Reminds me of Bob Sutton’s Really, I Write it Myself. So do I. Bob thanks his editors, and so do I. But yeah, I write it all myself. (Well, there was that one guest post on angel funding, but it was the only exception.)

It’s a full-time job

To all the real business people feeling insufficient because experts say they’re supposed to be doing all this as a sideline, I say: relax. That’s a myth. A post now and then and some tweets here and there, maybe; but this blogging I do is a full-time job.

I go to the office every day, and I’m there all day except meetings (and traveling, and teaching, and speaking gigs, and angel investment, but that detracts from my point, so forget I said it).

I’m often writing at night too. And on weekends.

I also use scheduling. For example, I’m on vacation with family today, so I wrote this last Saturday, to be posted today.

Repeat: it’s a full-time job. It doesn’t just happen.

It’s no coincidence that my new life blogging and writing and speaking and teaching, and tweeting too for the last few months, was a delightful baby-boomer late 50s career change. While I’m still employed full time by Palo Alto Software, the company I founded, I don’t run it. Nobody reports to me. As I said in yesterday’s part 1, my business card says “President” but it should say Chief Blogging Officer.


  • Charfish Charlie says:

    I’m glad I found your site this morning. You’re so right about the full-time aspect of running a successful blog. Like you, I run more than one site, write, design, etc. Which is to say nothing of my hobbies and the fact that I have to remember to eat every four or five days so I don’t die. The question I get the most is, “Where do you find the time?”

    My response: I make it. Sounds flippant but there is no other way. You sit down, produce, get it done. Magically the time is there. But it does require the time.

    An old adage I repeat far too often for it to be interesting anymore is: If you want something done, give it to a busy man.

    Nice to e-meet you today, Tim. Be seeing you!

    Charfish Design
    Ignite Living

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