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Avoid Meaningless Words

From Seth Godin’s post Meaningless, published today…

There are words that now have no meaning at all…

‘Well’ and ‘so’ have been doing this work for a long time, but add to that the more syllabic words like ironically, literally, and hopefully.

And don’t forget all the adjectives, beginning with ‘very’  and ‘really’ that (ironically) make something sound smaller, not bigger.

When you remove meaningless words, the power of your words goes up.

I very much enjoy the simplicity of Seth Godin’s writing style, particularly on blog posts. He practices what he preaches.

And I’d add a lot more words and phrases: game-changing, disruptive, billion-dollar, out-of-the-box, and new paradigm, to name a few.  Awesome and amazing when applied to mundane matters that are neither.



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