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This morning I received an email from Ricken Patel of avaaz.org celebrating the resignation of Paul Wolfovitz from the world bank.  His  email reminds me that we can’t always talk ab0ut business, or entrepreneurship, or business planning, or family business, and ignore what’s going on in the rest of the world. Sometimes we have to open up.

I believe in avaaz.org. I guess that makes me a — gulp — liberal, although hey, the truth is I’m proud of that label. I may not fit the stereotype, as a Stanford MBA, business owner, Notre Dame grad, but truth is truth and one of the main points of avaaz is about the toxicity of stereotypes. I’m embedding here a short video that tries, simply, not to take sides, but, rather, to speak out against taking sides.

I know Ricken Patel second hand, via my son, his wife, and one of my daughters. I’m proud to have an association with this group and its collection of causes.

Regarding Mr. Wolfovitz and the World Bank, my companies does business with the World Bank and we’ve been giving them super discounts, well below normal value, because we believe in the underlying cause. I’m glad organizations like Avaaz help enforce accountability with these things. The leaders of the World Bank should stand for ethics, right?

Here’s a clip to watch. I hope you agree it’s a cause worth supporting.

— Tim


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