Are You the Entrepreneur of 2011? If So, Act Fast.

Are you the winner who will be announced next January? If you want to be, get going, because the deadline for entering is June 15.

Picture a large hotel banquet room, something like 50 yards long and 25 yards wide, with a big well-lit stage, two huge video screens, and a podium. It’s set up for a fancy lunch with round tables of eight. The room is full. Media people, including Entrepreneur Magazine, local journalists, business writers, and bloggers are there waiting. awards page

And then the announcement: you are the Entrepreneur of the Year for 2011. You might be the college winner, the emerging entrepreneur winner, or the grand prize entrepreneur of the year winner. There will be videos about you and your business. Imagine winning this prize. This is sponsored jointly by UPS and Entrepreneur Magazine. It’s a big deal.

I was there in January of 2010 when the 2009 prizes were awarded in a big event in Miami, and again in 2011 when the 2010 awards were announced in Atlanta. It’s a big deal. If you have any doubt, look at this web page listing winners of last year’s awards, or this web page with winners of the 2009 awards. There are prizes, cash or equivalents, and trophies; but the real win is the buzz.

For more information on how to enter, rules, and prizes, you can click this link for general summary and description, or this link to go directly to the entry information for general entries, or this one for entry information for college entries.

And good luck. I hope you win. If you do, give me some credit in your acceptance speech, okay?


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