Are Main Street and Wall Street Going Down Together?

Really interesting post yesterday by Stanley Bing called The Great Myth of Main Street on The Bing Blog. Furthermore, this is one of those posts that spurred really interesting comments as well.

He starts by quoting a “very hostile but articulate” reader who lays into him as part of corporate America:

You have no idea what you’re frigging talking about. You, and corporate America, are so far removed from the realities of Main Street America, that you continue to confuse your personal financial comfort concerns with those of middle America.

Bing answers that well. He’s from Illinois, he’s worked around, his 401K sucks, and, most important:

We don’t sympathize with the idiots who have gotten us all into such trouble. And we certainly don’t want THEM to benefit from any assistance that is given to these failing auto makers, banks, insurance companies, whatever. We just don’t want the entire ship to sink, taking the lives of all on board, because the captain and his crew are dolts, numbskulls and screw-ups, or because politicians, responding to the anger of their constituents, continue to follow instead of lead.

I say right on! We’re in real trouble here, we have to stop fighting and start pulling together.


  • Mac says:

    What makes this situation so disturbing is that the politicians simply aren't qualified to lead. The evil CEO types that we're all being encouraged to revile and blame our troubles upon aren't "idiots," "dolts," and "numbskulls"… otherwise the mess would be minor and the fix would be easy.

    Class-envy makes for a powerful campaign platform but it doesn't help much when it comes to real-world policy making and problem-solving.

    We'll reap what you've sown.

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