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A Free Business Idea

I’ve said in a lot of places, including class, speaking, TV, this blog, and elsewhere, that the "ideas" portion of starting a business is worth little or nothing. It’s the team, the actual steps, getting going, that really matters.

So here’s where I practice what I preach. Here’s a free idea. Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad, and of course probably somebody is already doing it, in which case I’d appreciate an email or comment to that effect, and we’ll turn it into a plug.

Somebody should make a simple way to bind up a blog into a book. Give me some options like print this blog on demand for $10, $20, $50 a copy depending on quality, color, binding, and so on. I just read that blogs are being born at the rate of one per second. Format it automatically and roll it out into a file that will look good when it comes off the press. One option, make it look good on a coffee table.

Does that idea suck? Fatal flaw? Hey, I have lots of bad ideas, I can live with it, but please, tell me why. Or do it. Build that business. I stake no claims.

There. There’s my money where my mouth is, or vice-versa, or something like that.


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