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A Session with Oxford MBA Students

Yesterday I had a delightful session with a group of Oxford University MBA students. This was at the Said Business School, an impressive new, modern installation near the railroad station.

The students were even more impressive than the installations. Bright, diverse, quick to ask questions, and engaged. The program has a heavy dose of entrepreneurship and, as you might guess, a very international flavor.

It’s also probably the best one-year MBA program available anywhere. That timeframe, a single year, is unusual. And it’s right there in Oxford, one of the best and most well-known institutions anywhere.

If you get into Oxford, the MBA program starts every September and finishes at the end of the following summer.

I first heard about it from Alan Gleeson, Managing Director of Palo Alto Software’s UK subsidiary. Alan got his MBA there four years ago. Yesterday was my first chance to actually be there, and I was very impressed.


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