50 Great Productivity Tips from Famous People

The blog at onlineMBA has an interesting post called 50 terrific productivity secrets of the rich and famous. It’s a lot of fun, and some good tips too. You can see the highlights here in the graphic. But click the post … it’s hard to stop reading.

They aren’t all straight lines to productivity, like Bill Gates’ “go paperless,” Warren Buffet’s “say no,” or Winston Churchill’s “take a break away from your desk.” They also include some really good life tips like Richard Branson’s “don’t forget to work out,” Arianna Huffington’s “get enough sleep,” or –one of my favorites — Mark Cuban’s “avoid meetings.”


  • Anthony L. Testi says:

    Did you notice that there is a significant amount of advice
    that contradicts each other?

    12) Don’t have an assistant vs 34) Delegate Tasks
    9) Get up early vs 11) Get Enought Sleep
    44) Forget about work when you’re at home vs 14) Work on the weekends.

    Just to mention a few.

    I have found that there is much good wisdom that is contradictory.
    A person must be wise to ‘fit in’ other’s wisdom for their own personality
    and situation.

    I.M.O. Number 20 Regularly self-assess for me is #1,
    that is review what you are doing
    and make sure that it does make you productive ( or whatever you goal is )
    and be ready to change if needed,
    some advice may not fit at this time in ones life or situation.

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