4-Point Plan for Entrepreneurs

Eli Halliwell, CEO and President of Jurlique (an Australian natural cosmetics company), tells a great story of how he followed his own path, crediting some other people and coincidence more than himself, and ended up where he believes he was always supposed to be.

He emphasizes vision; in his case, a belief in the importance of healthy, natural skin care products. He credits “hippy parents” and a friend’s father for starting him in that direction.

He spoke last Friday at the Princeton Entrepreneurs’ Network conference.

He does have an agenda. This was just 10 days after a rousing speech at an industry conference, calling for national action against unhealthy beauty products.

His talk seemed both very impressive and very real. He offered a four-point piece of advice for entrepreneurs.

  1. Follow your heart. I know that sounds trite but Eli clearly made it work, telling how he’s followed concerns that led him to Jurlique — all natural beauty products, in Australia, with its own farms — all of his life. Eli is not Australian. Jurlique, as he tells the tale, is a natural point in his path. He clearly believes very much in the value of what he’s doing.
  2. When everybody is running one direction, run the other way.
  3. Live with a vision, build a business with a vision, and surround yourself with like-minded people who share that vision.
  4. Get a mentor.


  • bodybysam says:

    HWE, found a James Ray video on youtube that might interest you, and that I think is applicable to Tim's blog.

    Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjSGT_GBZDA

    sam, another JR fan 🙂

  • Kendall says:

    Follow your heart; run the other way; live with a vision and get a mentor. Stay away from those reality TV shows and read more blogs! Great stuff Tim.

  • Edufresh says:

    thanks for that wonderful insight it is informing.

    Keep it up


  • Harmonic Wealth Enthusiast says:

    Thanks for the interesting insights! I'd like o share something else I have been gleaning ideas from recently.
    I just finished reading James Arthur Ray’s newest book, Harmonic Wealth, and I had to share this concept he has that I think makes so much sense: LIVING FROM THE OUTCOME (Page 322). James says that most people live toward the outcome, meaning you are living like you don’t have it yet. He says you should shift your thinking so that you are LIVING FROM THE OUTCOME and thus sending out the energy to the world that you already have it. Think, feel, and act like you’ve already made it and the universe will say “Your wish is my command.”
    For me, that meant acting like I was more valuable as an individual – acting like a $500 a day earner instead of a $150 a day earner (no more reality TV marathons!) and acting like a thin and fit woman instead of a slightly overweight and sometimes lazy woman (goodbye Ranch Doritos!). Honestly, in the two weeks since I put down the book, things have started changing. And I think it really comes down to that one concept.
    Check out the Harmonic Wealth site and link to the book: harmonicwealth.com/read

    a JR fan

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