3 Financial Statements and 3 Angel Investment questions

I’ve been busy elsewhere this week, but managed to post two things I’d like to make available to you on this blog, because this is my main blog:

  1. My monthly column on entrepreneur.com came out today, summarizing the three financial guestimates every business plan needs. That one gives you a quick summary of the income (also called profit and loss), the balance sheet, and the cash flow. There are a lot of other tables a business plan might have, but these are the most useful, and the most important. These three put your projections into the same financial format analysts, investors, bankers, and managers are used to seeing.
  2. On Tuesday I posted the three essential questions you have to answer for angel investors, on the angel investment site, gust.com

I hope you find one or both of these useful, and have a great weekend. I’m in New York again this weekend, heading home to Oregon Tuesday, still enjoying a delightful taste of what makes Silicon Alley a high-tech startup hotbed.


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