10 Tips for Finding a Startup Job

What? You actually want to find a startup job? What with the mythology of startup jobs having low pay, long hours, and high risk? If so, good for you, and good luck to you. I tend to lean towards starting your own, but startup experience first is also a good idea. And with a small company, especially a startup, you get to see the whole thing, not just one small piece of a very large organization.

Just to clarify, this infographic ends with a pitch for posting your resumé on the site that authored it, and I don’t know that site so I can’t recommend it (or recommend against it either; I just don’t know it). But I like the information here, so I am posting the infographic. I did rename the post to cite 10 tips instead of 12, because the 12th tip is a pitch for the site that authored it, so it doesn’t count; and tips #1 and #2 are too close to the same thing, so – truth in titles – I called it 10. And just barely, really, because that tip #6 on how to dress is pretty close to bogus. Who wears a suit anymore anyhow?

12 Tips That Will Get You Hired at a Startup


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