10 Really Bad, 11 Really Creative Designs

That’s right: it’s a doggy washing machine, not a faked photo, at least according to the write-up at www.davison.com in a hilarious collection called dangerously dumb designs. (Editor’s note: That page has been removed from the Davision Creators’ site, subsequent to the publishing of this  post.)

from www.davison.com

The description says:

Yeah, that’s right, a dog washing machine. Traumatic and automatic. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I would strongly suggest trimming your dog’s nails before placing your loved one in this machine (or taking it out) to avoid becoming both dumb and dangerous.

And that’s not all. It’s a fun collection of 10 of these.

And a lot of other interesting pages, too. I discovered this site thanks to Guy Kawasaki on Twitter. He pointed out 11 Creative Advertising Designs, which is also really good. Here’s one of the highlights from that one (and do you get that it’s a Harley-Davidson ad?):

And, once I was there, I couldn’t resist the dangerously dumb post as well. I don’t know Davison Designs, but hey, great stuff. Pleasant surprises on the Web.

(Photo credits: I found them both on the www.davison.com site, and I’m hoping with the link back, they won’t mind. The doggy washer started with craziestgadgets.com, and I’ve linked back to there from the photo. And the Harley-Davidson ad started with www.thecoolhunter.net, and I’ve linked back to that site for that one. Both are ads, so I apologize in advance for not getting permission.)


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