The Growth is Always Greener in Your Neighbor’s Lawn

by Tim Berry

Have you noticed this? Businesses that sell to small business want to sell to enterprises. Businesses that sell to enterprises want small business. I’ve seen it for 30 years now. On the one hand, it’s good business. Expand. Go from where you are to where there’s more market waiting. On the other hand, damn, I... Read More »

Entrepreneur Breakdown

Are You an Entrepreneur? Do You Want to Be?

by Tim Berry

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to be? Are you living with one? This less-than-five-minute video is worth every second. I subscribed to the GrowConference channel on YouTube as a result of watching this. Good stuff. And if you don’t see it here, click here for the YouTube original. And thanks to VentureBeat for... Read More »


2011 As Good Times for Entrepreneurs?

by Tim Berry

So, on last day of the year, eve of a new year and (I think … correct me if I’m wrong) a new decade, Steve Blank posted his optimistic 2011 may mark the beginning of a golden era for entrepreneurs on VentureBeat. He cites several reason, all of which make sense to me: Compressing the... Read More »


10 Tips for Saving Your Life From Your Business

by Tim Berry

Your business or your life? The nagging question comes up a lot. Recently I saw this startling statement: Maximizing your chance for success means sacrificing health and family. That was in this post by Jason Cohen on VentureBeat. He’s serious. He quotes Mark Cuban and one other successful entrepreneur. He says you can’t get it... Read More »