What Part of the Word Publishing Don’t You Understand?

by Tim Berry

Warning: this is probably just a waste of time, but still, I was curious, then fascinated, as I read Investigative Journalist Claims Her Public Tweets Aren’t ‘Publishable;’ Threatens To Sue Blogger Who Does Exactly That on Techdirt. My first reaction: It’s publishing. Look up the definition. Published and not publishable are opposites. It’s an interesting story, though,... Read More »


Q&A: Who Do I Follow For Business Twitter

by Tim Berry

(Note: This is my post from, where I posted it yesterday. I was asked to repost it here.)  Here’s another good question I received from my Ask-me form on my website: If I’m trying to build my Twitter presence to support my [omitted] business, who should I follow? How do I find them?... Read More »


25 Ways to Look Dumb on Twitter

by Tim Berry

There was an interesting post on the Constant Contact blog over the weekend: 25 Things That Make You Look Dumb on Twitter.  Some of my favorites: Too much self promotion Automatic direct messages Spelling errors Special mention for “tweeting without a strategy:” Never tweet just for the sake of tweeting. Take some time to decide why... Read More »


Age vs. Experience Not Always Obvious

by Tim Berry

It must be awfully hard to be a Gen Y person and have to deal with all the discussion about Gen Y and Gen Y stereotypes. At least with my generation, the baby boomers, we were all just one big vague hippy-long-hair-freedom stereotype and we didn’t mind it. But with Gen Y, all this stuff... Read More »


The Critical PhoneDog Noah Mistake Was Avoidable

by Tim Berry

You can read here on Mashable how a guy named Noah Kravitz worked at a company named PhoneDog, tweeting while he did as “@phonedog_noah,” and then left the company and took — or tried to — his 17,000 Twitter followers with him when he left. “Tried to” because PhoneDog is suing him for $2.50 per follower.... Read More »

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Curation is the New Creation

by Tim Berry

I think it was inevitable. First, the web, then blogs. Content is king. Then Facebook, and then Twitter, and social media is real. Long live the king. The king is dead. We’re gagging on all the content. We need curation. We need to gather and collect — call that curate — our favorite content. The... Read More »


Are Business Social Media Campaigns About Listening?

by Tim Berry

Brian Solis, author of Engage, expert on social media for business, posted  The End of Social Media 1.0 last week on his blog. Not that there is a 2.0 or 3.0 exactly, he explains, but he says we’re at an inflection point. … the end of an era of social media that will force the... Read More »


Does it Take a Social Media Code of Ethics or is it Plain Obvious?

by Tim Berry

This is the complete unedited text of an email I received last week. It’s just the latest one. I get a lot of them. Hi Tim, I was wondering if you took paid guest posts on your site?  Not a traditional “guest post” but one you’d be compensated for and have complete editorial control over.... Read More »

Market Segments

Is Marketing Dead?

by Tim Berry

I’m troubled. Some of the smartest, most successful people I know say marketing is dead. It doesn’t matter, they say. It’s a waste of time. Instead… … just build great product. Disrupt a big market. The buzz will follow. And it makes some sense. Did Facebook care about marketing, or product? What about Twitter? Read More »


New Game: Social Media Snooping vs. Social Media Cleansing

by Tim Berry

The other shoe dropping: Business Insider posted This Company Will Expose All Your Most Embarrassing Online Moments a few days ago. It’s about a service company that helps employers by doing a social-media online background check on a potential employee. It was more than two years ago that I first saw a business plan for... Read More »