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Are you Running a LIFO Time Management Strategy? How Bad Is It?

by Tim Berry

Do you do what I do? I suspect a lot of us do. With me it’s not just what’s urgent or important, but also what’s on the screen, which window is in the forefront, and what just happened. It’s like urgent vs. important vs. recent. With a distortion filter for fun, or interesting. The title... Read More »


Do You Underestimate Time for Tasks You Like?

by Tim Berry

Damn! I just did it again. Even after 30+ years running my own business I still underestimate time for tasks I like, and overestimate time for tasks I don’t like. I like writing, and I like programming, which is definitely cool because that’s how I built a business. But when I look ahead, trying to... Read More »

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Do You Underestimate The Tasks You Like?

by Tim Berry

I’m sure I do this and I’m wondering whether you think everybody does. When I’m asked to estimate how much time some task is going to take: If it’s something I enjoy doing, like writing, or programming, or driving  on an open road, my estimate is always too low. If it’s something I don’t enjoy,... Read More »