Blogging in “A Tornado Full of Shrieking Trolls.”

by Tim Berry

Do you care about writing? Do you do it often? Do you do it related to business? Oh, wait, I’m sorry: I should call it content, as in content marketing. It’s not just writing, or blogging; it’s content creation. Or, in a delightful post on the oatmeal.com, simply Making Things. There’s a lot there, on that... Read More »


Are Spelling and Grammar Obsolete?

by Tim Berry

Am I being too critical? Do you react like I do to blatant spelling errors? Do they spoil messages for you? Glaring grammar and spelling errors distract me. Yesterday I received an email from somebody asking me to help him find an “inverstor” because he’s had “alot” of interest and he “truely” believes he could... Read More »


5 Words You Probably Misuse in Business Writing

by Tim Berry

Did you ever look in a mirror after a business meeting and discover a glaringly obvious piece of food in your teeth? Or a coffee stain where you hadn’t seen it before? You know that embarrassing feeling you get at that moment? That’s how you look when you misuse the language. Yes, I know, many... Read More »