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Marketing Today: Sparing, Sharing, Caring

by Tim Berry

The principals of marketing don’t change. It’s still getting people to know, like, and trust you. But what works for marketing today has changed a lot, and continues to change, as technology levels the playing field and companies and people intermingle on even terms. Here’s what I see working: Sparing Winners are sparing their target... Read More »


Social Media is Littered with Business Carcasses

by Tim Berry

It occurs to me that the social media landscape is littered with the carcasses of failed business efforts. There are blogs that started, had some posts, then stopped. Twitter accounts that tweeted for a while and then stopped. Facebook accounts that never get updated. The accounts stay there, visible, abandoned, but dead. Like carcasses. And... Read More »


Age vs. Experience Not Always Obvious

by Tim Berry

It must be awfully hard to be a Gen Y person and have to deal with all the discussion about Gen Y and Gen Y stereotypes. At least with my generation, the baby boomers, we were all just one big vague hippy-long-hair-freedom stereotype and we didn’t mind it. But with Gen Y, all this stuff... Read More »


What? We Don’t Want Sex? Love? Health? Just Food and Cars?

by Tim Berry

This morning I opened Mashable’s What Men and Women Really Want, According to Social Media, a fun info graphic. You can see the conclusions here, in my illustration. Mine is a tiny clip of their much larger infographic, which has a lot more information. This is a lot of fun. My conclusion, however, is that... Read More »


Was it Social Media That Defeated that Bad SOPA/PIPA Bill?

by Tim Berry

I was delighted to read Vivek Wadhwa’s take on Social media’s role in politics on the Washington Post: To frame this battle properly, a loosely organized group of Internet leaders outwitted a well-funded lobbying organization. And they did so in grand style, convincing dozens of lawmakers to reverse their votes virtually overnight. he goes on to... Read More »


What Would You Do About This Facebook Post?

by Tim Berry

Hats off to Inc Magazine for this great treatment of a problem a lot of business owners face. In this case it’s a man named Mark, who discovers: Recently an employee put a photo of the cover of the book Your Company Sucks on their own Facebook wall, titling the entry “Succinct.” To his great... Read More »


Does it Take a Social Media Code of Ethics or is it Plain Obvious?

by Tim Berry

This is the complete unedited text of an email I received last week. It’s just the latest one. I get a lot of them. Hi Tim, I was wondering if you took paid guest posts on your site?  Not a traditional “guest post” but one you’d be compensated for and have complete editorial control over.... Read More »


New Game: Social Media Snooping vs. Social Media Cleansing

by Tim Berry

The other shoe dropping: Business Insider posted This Company Will Expose All Your Most Embarrassing Online Moments a few days ago. It’s about a service company that helps employers by doing a social-media online background check on a potential employee. It was more than two years ago that I first saw a business plan for... Read More »


Compare Your Marketing Mix to This Bar Chart

by Tim Berry

The eloquent bar chart here speaks long and loud about changing the marketing mix. It shows where marketers report their business lead come from. Look at it and tell me what it says about the businesses that aren’t at all online: I picked this chart out of literally dozens of great charts related to marketing,... Read More »


True Story: Twitter, Business, An Introvert Looking Out

by Tim Berry

The other day I read Can Twitter Rescue Introverted Students? in the Education section of It reminded me of what Twitter has done for me in business. This is a true story. I believe in the essential truth the Jungian personality types and I’ve tested myself several times. I always test close to the... Read More »