Free Online Video Business

Free Online Video Business Planning Tutorial

by Tim Berry

My apologies if you’ve seen this elsewhere. It is available on the SBA community site, where it was posted about a year ago. I developed it originally as a donation to the SBA effort, because I believe what the SBA to help real-world entrepreneurs get started and run businesses is valuable. I cooperate with the... Read More »

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3 Essential Truths About Startups and Investment

by Tim Berry

Today I’m answering, with this post, a lot of similar questions I get often in email, where somebody is asking me how to get connected to or hooked up with or recommended properly for angel investment. Here are some unpleasant and unpopular facts about startups and investment. Only friends and family believe in you and... Read More »

Business Boost: How Did it Go?

by Tim Berry

Thanks for asking. Our Oregon Small Business Boost day (business plan software free for Oregonians) yesterday went even better than expected. I like the summary from our local newspaper, which tagged it as “frenzy” on its front page this morning. And you can click here for our summary of it. We distributed 16,200 cards through... Read More »