LiftFive: My Favorite New Startup Launches

by Tim Berry

Are you looking for real expertise in social media? Megan Berry today announced the launch of LiftFive, her new startup. I wish her all the best on this exciting launch day. And yes, she is my daughter and I’m very proud of her. You can reach Megan as @meganberry and now also as @liftfive on... Read More »


Some of Social Media Marketing is Community Management

by Tim Berry

Suggestion: don’t just call it all  social media marketing. Call at least part of it community management. Why? Because words and phrases get worn out. Or they get clogged like a motor boat’s propeller in a swamp. And social media marketing has been worn out by too many people with too many fake names talking... Read More »


Brace Yourself. Success Brings Detractors.

by Tim Berry

It’s funny — well, maybe annoying is a better word — how one of the so-called trappings of success is criticism. Get up in front of a crowd to speak, launch a website, develop and launch a product, start a business, and you’re in front of people. And that means you open yourself up to... Read More »

5 Good Posts for Friday July 1

by Tim Berry

I need your help: Can you suggest a way to give a theme and a title to a series of Friday posts listing good posts and recommended links I’ve seen from the last week? My title here is too dull. I’m not nearly good enough at titles. I don’t want to do this every Friday,... Read More »

A Few Good Posts for a Friday

by Tim Berry

These are some posts I recommended reading this week. My absolute favorite this week was Mark Suster’s 9 Women Can’t Make a Baby in a Month, on TechCrunch. Mark’s Both Sides of the Table is a great blog, by the way. And this is the thought at the heart of that post: Over funding often... Read More »


Proving Again that Business Ideas Have no Value

by Tim Berry

Hold a mirror up to a mirror, and you get some kind of representation of infinity, or something like infinity, intriguing but hard to explain. Just do it. That’s something like what happened to me yesterday with a riff on business ideas. It started with my first view, which is a new website where... Read More »


Is Personal Branding Really Impersonal Faking?

by Tim Berry

Don’t get me wrong: I think the thinking behind it, the advice wrapped around the idea of personal branding, is excellent. I’ve recommended, for example, Dan Schawbel’s personal branding book Me 2.0 and I’m sticking to it. Dan has a great collection of real-world suggestions in that book. But I’m beginning to think I hate... Read More »


10 Blogging Tips. My 1,000th Post on This Blog

by Tim Berry

Last night I was halfway through a draft post patting myself on the back, illustrated with champagne glasses, when my youngest daughter, Megan, called from San Francisco, where she lives now. That’s @MeganBerry to you, blogger and social media expert,  marketing manager of So I asked her this: “What do I do with my... Read More »


Google Buzz Explodes the Myth of First Mover Advantage. Again.

by Tim Berry

Somewhere in the 1980s we coined the phrase “first mover advantage.” Right or wrong, I associate it in my mind with the birth of Compaq Computer, in the middle 1980s. Compaq’s original 34-pound sewing-machine-sized computer was dubbed the first compact computer. Luggable was more accurate. And it wasn’t the first, either. This bugs me. “But... Read More »

5 Things Avatar Can Teach You About Development

by Tim Berry

(Note: this is a guest post by Megan Berry (my daughter), social media evangelist for Mobclix. It was originally posted on the mobclix blog.) Avatar is a world-wide phenomenon and is currently the top grossing movie of all time*. How can you learn from its success and apply it to your own projects (even if... Read More »