What is the most important thing to have when you are just starting your company?

by Tim Berry

Entrepreneur.com asked What is the most important thing to have when you are just starting your company?  on LinkedIn and here are the results: While I really like the answer business plan — I’m a business planner — I don’t completely agree. If I weren’t biased down to my bones, I’d answer “something else” and clarify that what you... Read More »


Does it Take a Social Media Code of Ethics or is it Plain Obvious?

by Tim Berry

This is the complete unedited text of an email I received last week. It’s just the latest one. I get a lot of them. Hi Tim, I was wondering if you took paid guest posts on your site?  Not a traditional “guest post” but one you’d be compensated for and have complete editorial control over.... Read More »

SocialMediaOverload (1)

My Recommendation About Your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

by Tim Berry

A couple of weeks ago I was in a classroom full of entrepreneurial MBA students, as a guest speaker, answering their questions about me and Palo Alto Software and bplans.com, this blog, and so forth. When they asked me how I managed my online self in social media, my response went something like this: I... Read More »


Help! One of Me, Dozens of Social Media Sites

by Tim Berry

I posted here yesterday about the landrush problem of social media, which is my phrase for what happens when user feedback systems are subverted by vendors seeding reviews. Another social media trend that worries me is the proliferation of sites. How do I deal with all the different sites I’d like to join? Currently, for... Read More »


2 Pictures, 200 Words, Lots of Ideas.

by Tim Berry

Pictures, words, ideas. If one picture equals 1,000 words, how many ideas does it generate? Is there a transitive property there? I had time over the weekend to pick up two unrelated pictures. Each covers something entirely different. Both are full of ideas. The first, a chart by Seth Godin: This is one of those... Read More »

Crisis in Social Metrics

GDGT: No, Please, Not Another Social Media Site!

by Tim Berry

I read it last weekend on the New York Times website. It’s about a new gadget site to be called GDGT starting this week, developed by founders of other gadget site successes. Get this: Their new site, called GDGT, will open to visitors on Wednesday. It differs from Engadget or Gizmodo by aspiring to be... Read More »

In Love With Social Media? Do a Social Media Plan

by Tim Berry

OK, I agree, Twitter and Facebook can be fun, LinkedIn can be useful, but is the time you spend there really business time? Or is it just a rationalization for not doing real work? I posted Social Media Business Plan in 5 Easy Pieces today on the American Express OPEN Forum. I like to think... Read More »